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Cleaning Tips Tools

If you want to clean like a pro, you need to start with the right tools. Cleaning products that are safe around the kids and pets and that get the job done right the first time are crucial. Having the right tools and products will not only help your home stay cleaner and healthier, but will cut down on the amount of time you spend on daily and weekly chores. Now, don’t go replacing everything in your hall closet just yet, chances are you have most of what you need right now, but a few specialty tools will make a big difference. Consider investing in the following:

Cleaning apron. It may not be the most fashionable accessory you can buy, but the ability to carry multiple tools and cleaning products with you at one time, makes an apron a must. It should have enough pockets to allow you to carry a duster, cleaning cloths, a small brush for hard to reach areas and one or two bottles of your favorite cleaning solution.
Extension pole and high duster. An extension pole takes up far less room and is much easier to use than a ladder, but will give you access to almost all the same hard to reach areas. A pole that extends to about 6 feet is just fine for most homes, but if you have vaulted ceilings, or two story rooms, you may want to consider something longer. Not all high duster attachments are created equal so make sure you find one with a machine washable sleeve made of microfiber (more on that later), and a flexible inner core, that can be shaped to match the various contours of your crown molding, fans, and vents.
Microfiber. Believe it or not, there have been a lot of technological advances in the cleaning industry over the last decade or so. One such advance is microfiber technology. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber designed to trap and lock dirt better than cotton or other materials. It is used in mop heads, cleaning cloths, feather style dusters and more. Microfiber is lint free, can hold up to seven times it’s weight in water, and comes in a huge array of colors. You’ll want to purchase at least three different colors: one for the bathrooms, one for the kitchen, and one for everywhere else. After using microfiber, just wash gently with warm water to release the dirt.
Cleaning caddy. Caddies come in a number of different sizes and styles. There’s really no right or wrong here, but you will want something with a comfortable handle that will hold at least 6 cleaning cloths, 3-4 bottles of cleaning products, extra dusters, and extra tools. Having everything in one caddy that can move with you throughout the house will help keep you from forgetting anything or having to make return trips to the supply cupboard.
Trash can liners. Trash can liners are cheap and can be purchased in bulk. Put one role in the bottom of each trash can before inserting a liner. You’ll save yourself tons of time when taking out the trash and you won’t have to worry about wet spills.

In the cleaning business, time is money, but around your home, your time is just as valuable. You have places to be, work to get done, teenagers to argue with, and activities to attend. Cleaning is part of life, but having the right tools will help you maintain your biggest investment more easily and with far less stress. Invest now in a few of the tools used by the pros. Your home will thank you.